21 Savage is Focused On Financial Literacy for Teens

Feb 25, 2021

21 Savage, the prolific Atlanta rapper known for hits as dope as, you guessed it, Bank Account, has decided to take his success to new levels.  As an investor and affluent rapper in the mix, 21 understands the importance of financial literacy in this day and age.After performing his hit single “Bank Account” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, 21 revealed the launch of a campaign named creatively after the HUGE tune: Bank Account Financial Literacy Campaign

21 Bank Accounts. 21 Kids.

21 Savage promises to help children open bank accounts while learning to save and leverage their money.  After donating $21,000 to 21 teenagers, each individual will receive $1,000 to start their financial literacy journey. Partnering with Get Schooled, the campaign is an integral piece of a larger campaign to increase the number of children's savings accounts for low-income families by the organization, Prosperity Now.You can enter to win by clicking HERE to get started!

It's GREAT to see 21 Savage doing it for the kids.

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