Major Keys to Living a Minimalist Lifestyle and Saving Serious Cash

Feb 25, 2021

Minimalism is a growing trend that is making waves globally.Owning fewer things and going easy on consumables not only does wonders for the environment but can add to your coffers as well. Every dollar you save byabstaining from splurging on things or clothes you don’t really need is a dollar saved.

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This can be channeled towards a minimalist retirement plan, investments, savings or anything else that will provide some tangible, long-term value.Minimalism is less of a lifestyle choice and more of a mindset that can help you escape excesses and clutter and live frugally and inexpensively. Unfortunately, most people that attempt to embrace minimalism and a minimalistic lifestyle get it terribly wrong.

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They direct their finances and attention towards redecorating their homes in order to create a pristine environment in their immediate surroundings.But a minimalist lifestyle is far more than replacing your floral print furnishings or bed linen with whites and beiges, or recreating a Zen garden in the outdoor areas of your property. In fact, when you spend heap loads of money on achieving the minimalist look, you are being counterproductive.

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In this article, we discuss the major keys to living a minimalist lifestyle and saving serious cash along the way:

  1. De-clutter first

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If you have things that are old or haven’t been touched for years or even months, it’s time to get rid of them. You can discard items that are in poor shape and either donate or sell the others.When you have fewer things around you, it helps you clear your mind and allows you to concentrate on the things that really matter.So, just break the shackles that bind you to those possessions that you have been hoarding for years. The rule of thumb is to sell/give away/discard all items that you haven’t used in the past year or two and create a frugal minimalist home.

  1. Control that urge to buy new things

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Getting rid of old and unwanted things is just the first step. And it will be a futile one if you simply go ahead and replace all those things with new ones. That would just mean you are taking a step backwardand reverting to your original lifestyle.Consumerism is reaching alarmingly enormous proportions in most developed counties in the world.By abstaining from buying one more shirt or another pair of shoes is to hold up the stop sign to yourself. Buying things you don’t really need will only make you fall back on your intent of embracing simple living to save money.Set very stringent criteria while purchasing anything. The things you buy should add value to your life.

  1. Switch to eating simple and similar meals

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One of the best ways of axing excesses fromyour grocery shopping methodology is to make sure that you consume meals that are very similar, throughout the week.Before you reject this idea altogether, understand that you don’t need to eat the exact same meals every single day.Just try to add some simplicity to your meals and look for recipes that use similar ingredients and produce.This is a great way to save on waste and you will find you don’t have large amounts of different types of ingredients left over. This change in the way you eat will eventually reflect in the way you shop for groceries and in the manner you cook.Simple foods take less preparation and cooking time and you can easily improvise in case you run short of any particular ingredient.

  1. Minimalist money management extends to your wardrobe too

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Most people, in an attempt to be in sync with the latest fashion trends, spend significant amounts of money on clothes shopping. If you don’t consciously curb this spending, your pocket will be lighter and your wardrobe out of space again.Living a minimalist life is also about simplifying your wardrobe. Buy outfits that can be mixed-and-matched easily.When you feel the need to buy something new, buy pieces that are suitable enough to wear in different settings and for different occasions.

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Living a minimalist lifestyle is about having a clutter-free home and leading a simple life. But it’s also about giving yourself the scope to live a more enriched and fuller life.If you are burdened with mountain loads of work and never-ending 12-hour work days, you need to take a serious look at your work schedule.This may mean displeasing your boss sometimes by saying no to that extra workload on your desk, but eventually, it will all be worth your while.Look for a minimalist budget app to help keep you on track and make a conscious effort not to slip back into your old ways. Here are some apps to get you started:






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