Kishau Rogers Launches Enterprise-Level Time Tracking with Innovative NEW Tool

Feb 25, 2021

Looking for an enterprise-level solution for time tracking? Kishau Rogers is helping the time management industry with Time Study.

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Time Study is an enterprise software provider with a mission to leverage emerging technology to innovate time reporting and to offer better business insights. The depth of business insights that can be captured with timesheet data is limited by the data collection instrument, the complexity of business requirements and workflow, and the accuracy of human recall."  Rogers said in an interview."Our mission is to help you innovate how you collect, report and understand how time is spent. Also, people hate time sheets.” Rogers added

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She is an award-winning entrepreneur and has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NFIB, JavaWorld, and Entrepreneur.The product launched in 2017 and they now have 20 hospitals across the United States that are using it. It helps the clients achieve accurate time sheets without a huge distraction to a user’s workflow.Their clients include the Columbia University Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medicine.

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It also creates rich data stores that improve data quality by almost 90% and restores 80% of leaked revenues. It also offers automated communication, quick development and flexible administrative control and dedicated and outstanding customer service.

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