The Financial Planner List: 9 of the BEST Black Financial Planners of Color [2020 Edition]

Feb 25, 2021

The New Year is upon us, and it is time to start planning your finances. It is time to set goals, plan for reducing debt, and start looking at investment options. Finance is a complicated field, so many people are intimidated by the prospect of planning.

They don't know where to start or how to reach their financial goals without sacrificing the things they love. Fortunately, you can always gain some insights from African American financial advisors.

Here's a list of nine of the best financial experts:

1. Ash Exantus

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Bio – Ash is often called 'The Financial Motivator' and has an impressive following, especially among millennials. He has written several books, including The Wake-Up Call: Financial Inspiration Learned from 4:44 + A Step by Step Guide on How to Implement Each Financial Principle. In his published works, he aims to help people manage their money effectively and have fun while doing it.

Skills – Exantus offers a unique blend of financial and psychological advice, which makes him one of the best black financial bloggers in the US. He mixes financial advice with music, pop culture, and other such matters to make things interesting for his young audience.

Website –

Instagram - @IAmAshCash.

2. Choncé Maddox Rhea

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Bio – Choncé is a personal financial coach and a certified financial education instructor (CFEI). Her goal is to help people regain control of their finances, which can be difficult in this era of mounting debt. Choncé has faced many financial struggles, including a debt of $40,000 that she paid off to become debt-free.

Skills – She has helped many people break through debt and live a life with fewer financial limitations. Choncé’s skills don’t lay in assisting people to go on a financial diet but instead helping them find resources to fulfill their dreams. This makes her a unique and interesting black financial advisor.

Website –

Instagram - @MyDebtEpiphany

3. Kevin L. Mathews II

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Bio – If you’re looking for good black financial advisors books, Kevin's Starting Point – How to Create Wealth that Lasts is a good read. He is an experienced financial expert who can help you overcome obstacles and create multiple revenue streams. He aims to help clients simplify their finances so that they can reach any goal.

Skills – Kevin focuses on wealth creation that lasts over the long-term. He has helped many people plan their retirement and has worked as a financial advisor for several years.

Website -

Instagram - @BuildingBread

4. Courtney Richardson

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Bio – Courtney is a stockbroker and investment advisor, helping people use their money to earn passive income. She is one of the best black financial coaches for women who want to create a robust investment portfolio. Her website offers resources to help people understand the stock market, college savings, retirement funds, etc.  

Skills – Courtney specializes in simplifying investing and the stock market. As an attorney, investment advisor, and stockbroker, she has a unique skill set and can help people overcome various obstacles.

Website -

Instagram - @TheIvyInvestor

5. Anthony Copeman

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Bio – Anthony created SharesTV, $hares The Animated Series, and has founded Financial Lituation. If you're a millennial and are looking for an excellent black financial advisor in the US, Anthony is the right choice. He works on helping people build wealth instead of just focusing on making money. Anthony aims to change our mindset regarding wealth creation, which many people view as a secondary goal.

Skills – Copeman has ample experience in this field and has formal education from Temple University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. He has provided financial advice on several platforms, including publications like Chime Bank, Newsweek,  Credit Karma, etc.

Website -

Instagram - @SharesTV

6. Tela Holcomb

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Bio – Tela is someone many black women can relate to. She isn't a professional stockbroker or financial expert. Despite this, she has managed to build a six-figure stocks and options trade. She believes that everyone can learn how to make money on the stock market and create wealth. Her goal is to help people reach their full financial potential without sacrificing time spent with family.

Skills – She specializes in explaining the stock market to people in plain English. She left her 9-5 job to gain more control of her life and found success. Now Tela wants to help others get on the same path.

Website -

Instagram - @TelaHolcomb

7. Eric Patrick

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Bio – Eric is one of the most popular African American financial advisors today because of his unique approach. He combines education with urban media like hip-hop, to engage a younger audience, especially millennials and Gen Z individuals. He aims to make finances easy and fun rather than intimidating.  

Skills – Patrick focuses on investment and wealth-building, which can help people gain financial independence by providing passive income. He specializes in assisting people to become more confident in their investment practices.

Website -

Instagram - @Black_Market_Exchange

8. Taylor Medine

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Bio – Taylor started as most people do, graduating college with hefty debt and being fortunate enough to land a good job. However, she didn't know much about managing money and didn't focus on savings. That changed around 2013 when she became serious about her finances. Today, she shares her experience while teaching others how to gain financial independence as well.

Skills – Taylor is a personal finance and productivity expert with several years of experience under her belt. She helps people find their way to happier savings accounts with healthy financial habits. She also helps entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their money.

Website -

Instagram - @taytalksmoney

9. Dominique Brown

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Bio – Dominique Brown focuses on helping people with bad credit, which is a growing problem today. Many people graduate with a debt sitting on their shoulders that actively leaches their income. They are unable to meet their financial goals, gain savings, or buy a home.

Skills – Dominique is a financial expert and a realtor, so he helps people struggling to buy homes. He offers advice on how to improve credit scores and save enough money to make significant investments.

Website –

Instagram – @yourfinancessimplified

All of these black financial coaches offer unique advice on different aspects of finance. They're worth following on Instagram.

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