How A 16-Year-Old Used Bullying as the Fuel to Launch Her Business

Feb 25, 2021

Throughout the early years that Tania Speaks was in school, she was bullied for her physical appearance. This young entrepreneur in the making was teased for her thick and bushy eyebrows. Being bullied and teased took a toll and it frustrated her to the point she tried to cut her eyebrows off to make it a bit manageable and thinner.

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Doing so, she cut herself and needed something to heal and grow her eyebrows back. So she googled and researched for formulas and ingredients to grow and style her brows.

When she couldn't find any great products to fulfill her needs, she launched Brow Boost, a clear organic gel that’s infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. With the promise of more manageable eyebrows, Brow Boost provides a boost of self-confidence.

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“Since launching my business, I’ve discovered that sometimes your deepest insecurity can be your greatest attribute. I hated my eyebrows because they did not look how I thought they should and they were my greatest facial feature,”stated Speaks.With the success of Brow Boost, Speaks ventured into a line for men, Beard Boost an organic hair growth tonic.

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Speaks announced she has plans on making Brow Boost the go-to organic product for problem brows on the international market.

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