Small Business Majority To Assist Women Of Color

Feb 25, 2021

In a historical moment in Los Angeles, the national advocacy group, the Small Business Majority has rolled out its Women Entrepreneurship Program to help women of color get the proper resources women business owners need to succeed.

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The new program is very important to women who are starting businesses in California.Studies show that women of color are among the fastest growing portion of the nation’s economy, from 2007 and 2016 the number of U.S. women-owned business surged to 45%.Women don’t just collect fewer loans, they also get smaller amounts from those loans. The women that are approved for loans have received 4.4% of the total dollar compared to conventional.

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“California is at the forefront of women’s entrepreneurial activity in the United States.” -Xiomara Peña, Small Business Majority’s California Deputy Director and National Hispanic Outreach Manager, says.The main objective for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program is to give women entrepreneurs’ access to the funds they need to start a business and grow it. The Small Business Majority proposes to offer an online resource hub for women through educational events in the Los Angeles area.

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The plan is to connect women in the area with local business resource providers, leaders, and mentoring opportunities.For more info, click HERE

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