Black-Owned Grooming Products Co., Bevel Acquired by Proctor and Gamble

Feb 25, 2021

Walker and Company Brands, a Startup focused on beauty and grooming products for people of color, JUST announced its acquisition by Proctor and Gamble(Read more about the Founder, Tristan Walker HERE)With a primary focus on beautiful product design, stellar product ingredients and an undeniable swagger, Bevel, their biggest company shines as an exemplary, award winning product for people of color.According to Techcrunch:

P&G says the acquisition will help it “better serve consumers of color around the world.” Walker & Co. will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the larger organization, with Walker continuing to serve as CEO, and the entire 15-person team moving to Atlanta.

The Hustle is Real

Founded in 2013, by Tristan Walker, leader of Business Development at Foursquare, had a mission of developing products for people of color with coarse or curly hair. Walker & Co. began with its Bevel shaving products for men, and later launched Form, a collection of hair products for women.Walker went on to say:

“Nothing is changing at Walker & Co. Brands. We remain devoted to serving people of color by delivering products tailored to their needs and that quite simply, just work,” said Walker. “That’s the beautiful thing about merging with the P&G family of brands; they aren’t tinkering with our formula. On the contrary, they are just giving us the resources and fuel needed to continue delivering on our promises, but on an even larger, global scale. I’m extremely excited about this new chapter and what is to come.”

While the amount of the acquisition was undisclosed, we can imagine the Walker and Company brand to grow for decades to come!Congrats!

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