The Finance Titans: An Interview with Financial Power Couple, Gloria and Marvin

Feb 25, 2021

Gloria and Marvin Smith are a FORCE to be reckoned with.  

With SERIOUS backgrounds in finance, they’ve carved out a sizable amount of influence in the arena with their company, DKR Group Financial, which has helped thousands of individuals across the world secure funding for both large and small businesses. 

Armed with financial savvy and INSANE skills, the couple took a few to discuss some financial literacy KEYS with us.

Ok, so you KNOW I have to ask!  How did you two meet?

We met through a mutual friend.  Gloria - After meeting my husband Marvin, I watched how he helped to educate people on their finances.

I watched him assist people who made a few financial mistakes, turn their situations around and I knew at that time, I wanted to be a part of giving people a second chance and to also help them understand credit which would allow them to make better choices with their finances

How do you protect your assets and grow, but enjoy your marriage at the same time?

We love helping others our partnership is strong and easy to work within the business, which is the inspiration behind us sharing our journey.   This allows us to have the experience to educate others.  

Knowledge is power. Having knowledge and Understanding money and finances helps us grow while making good decisions regarding our assets.

What are some things an individual can do to improve their financial woes?

First, overcome your fear.  Write an outline and hold yourself accountable to it. 

Then, just start writing all your bill down. Then, just start pulling together all your and develop a solid plan to tackle them, one at a time.

We all know financial woes are the BIGGEST issues in relationships, how can couples manage their financial expectations and work together to grow their net worth?

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Couples have a slight advantage because there is an opportunity to work together to accomplish financial setbacks. Bring everything to the table and don’t leave anything out.

Be totally honest with each other and prepare to do the work! Two incomes are usually always better than one as well as long as you both hold each other accountable in reaching set goals.

What’s your favorite online tool for budgeting?

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We love mint,  It’s a really great simple tool for budgeting.  You can go to

What are some quick and easy ways to improve credit with minimal effort? Correcting your personal information is the first step in starting the process to improving your credit.  

Secondly, stop unnecessary spending. Put the credit cards away until you can get your credit back on track. Next, set financial goals and work towards regaining your financial freedom


Who’s your favorite entrepreneur?

Robert and Kim Kyiosaki

The ONE book everyone should read to increase financial literacy?

“The Psychology of Credit: Fix Your Credit Score and Be Able to Fund Your Dreams.”

What’s the quickest way someone can make $100?

Retail arbitrage It’s a really simple way to make your money work. For example, you purchase an item from a store like Target on clearance and they sell it to you for a  low price.

You can sell that same item on Amazon for a higher price and make a profit. You find a product to buy and once you receive the item and it's in your possession you find the amazon listing (where the product is selling for a higher price on Amazon.

They will give you a custom mailing label to place on the box the item is in.  Now your product arrives at Amazon’s warehouse, and your item will be for sale under the official brand's sales page on Amazon.  

You are an independent seller, but you get yo have the power of the official brand page’s advertising and traffic and once your item sells page!! Amazon ships it for you, and you will receive the money in your bank account.

If there are any issues or customer support Amazon will take care of it. Amazing Right!!

Where can our audience find you?

@Gloriasmith678 |
@ Marvinsmith678 |

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