How to Travel Like a G: An Interview with Jubril Agoro of Passport Heavy

Feb 25, 2021

We had the pleasure of interviewing a travel LEGEND. Jubril Agoro, a Digital Marketing entrepreneur who makes a living leveraging online marketing tactics like Facebook Ads and Pay-Per-Click campaigns.Not to mention, he creates STELLAR visual content for his travel blog, Passport Heavy.  We got a chance to talk to the man himself in a detailed interview that includes his travel hacks for navigating a global landscape.Hey Jubril!  First and foremost, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with us.  Let’s get started!  Thanks for having me out, I appreciate the opportunity to share!As a Digital Nomad who travels the world on a daily and still provides value and conversions via online marketing, how did you get your start?I’m kind of an OG.In the early 2000’s I started online with eBay.It changed my life, as it allowed me to see the power of the internet.  I was buying supplements and reselling on the platform.  I had my first 5 figure month in my later teenage years.  That’s when I knew I was on to something.Later on, eBay changed their algorithms and I was breaking even.  That was when I realized I wasn’t in control.  I was doing home page listings and paid listings and was just relying heavily on eBay.I realized I really didn’t know how to advertise.

That’s what led me more into the digital marketing space.  Learning how to craft a sales funnel.Learning SEO and Adwords…Businesses out there will ALWAYS need more business.  I was living in Chicago then and I realized I can do this ANYWHERE.  I wanted to see the world.I read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and decided to do a year around the world.  After a year, I’m like: "I’ll do two years."  I set off in 2010.Back then, no one was doing it.  It wasn’t a “thing”For those looking to do what you do, what are some money saving tips and tricks for getting started?

If you have decent credit, maybe like a 680, there’s going to be A LOT of benefits to getting a credit card.  I fly a lot with American Airlines.  When you signup, you get 50,000 miles for free travel. That’s enough for a roundtrip ticket to Europe.  There’s so many different benefits.  If you’re doing advertising, use a business credit card.If you know you’re traveling for a longer period, use an AirBnB.  I set on a location for at least a month.  If you go AirBnb and go monthly, you get at least 50% off the daily rate.You can negotiate with your AirBnb to get a lower cost.Then additionally, if you have specialized skills...Based on taking photos for the location, mentioning them in your video content, or creating drone content, you can really benefit from talking to your host. example: I was going to Denver and we were renting an apartment (3 of us) for $750 a night during the week.  So, I thought, it's luxurious, either they’ll eat that loss and not have anyone book it, or I can negotiate a better price.I hit up the host and said “I’d love to visit, but it's out of my price range.  If this offer isn’t cool I understand.  Would you be willing to take $500 a night, I can pay right away”He said sure! Simple negotiation, nice warm message.Be sure to look at the marketplace and get your comps.What’s your favorite travel hack for someone on a tight budget ($100 a Day)?

$100 a day depends on location.If it’s a place like Miami, rent a room via AirBnb.  You can also check out  I like to be comfortable.  If I’m in Bali, you’re living LUX.You can have a really nice hotel for $35 a night.  Food for the day is just $20 if you’re eating REALLY good.  Motorcycle is $5, $2 in gas for the DAY.  You have 30mb down, and malls etc better than home..  You don’t LACK in quality!Are there any great credit/banking cards IDEAL for travelers?Depends on lifestyle.American Airlines Barclay Aviator Card - No Transaction fees, no International Fees, 40-60k for signing up.  1st class check-in!Also, the Chase Personal and Business Sapphire. someone who lives abroad, how do you control your spending, stay under budget and still have a kickass time?

For me, it just comes down to LOCATION.At 1 Oak, a club in New York, 2 bottles in it’s $1,500 dollars.  Then in Medellin, Colombia you’ve got bottles of Goose and you’re paying $200 at the top club. Just by location, you can really control your spending.  If we’re in a more expensive place, I’m getting an AirBnb apartment (cause I travel with 7 people).  I’m aware of the places we’re going.  It comes down to ratios.  Is it within our ratio?Ok, let’s see if you can answer this one!  What places have you been and what is your favorite location in the world?

The people ALWAYS make the experience what it is.  If you’re not taking a vaca with the right people, your experience might not be good.Medellin, Colombia for beautiful, fun people.  They call it the city of eternal spring time.  The culture, the food, cost of living.  Internet is amazing.  And location proximity to US.Thailand is high on my list.  Bali, too.  And I’d say Panama City!Where’s the BEST place to get the most BANG for your USD?Pound for pound, a place called Chiang Mai, Thailand.  You’re paying no less than $4,000 for a place similar to Miami Beach.  Nice building, amazing food, high-end living. content is legit DOPE.  As an individual of color traveling the world, what advice would you have for others?It’s different traveling as a person of color.When I went to Chiang Mai, I saw 3 black people in 4 months.  I’ll walk by the massage parlor and they’ll be like “chocolate man!!”  They just weren’t used to black people, as an ambassador of the US, I understand when people are not educated, I like to educate them.Yeah, there are differences.  In a three year period I saw more people of color.  About 3 or 4 people would hit me up and say they’re comfortable traveling because of me.  If this vid has 100k views, this is people who are interested in travel.  This is targeted traffic.

I’ll be the first person that goes out to these locations.  You have to be more AWARE sometimes.  It still happens where people just want to take photos with you because you’re someone different.For women, if you’re single, you have people that are very curious.  In 2011, when I was in Thailand, I was staying in Hostels.  Really nice hostels, that have private rooms and have rooftops and social common areas.  It would be SO diverse.  You’re all having a few drinks and learning about everyone’s different cultures.What’s the BIGGEST misconception about travel?

That it has to be expensive.  You have rappers, celebs...that’s who’s seen as the only people that can travel.  If you take time to plan, look for flight deals.  You can get roundtrip tickets to Thailand for $500.  Because travel becomes volume, they can do cheaper flights.RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS:Who is your favorite superhero and why?Captain Planet.  Cause he saved the planet.What did you eat for breakfast?I don’t eat breakfast. I fast.What is your favorite movie?Rocky.  Stallone love the underdog story.What’s your favorite book?Think and Grow RichWho’s your mentor?Don Glenville, Jim Rohn, Frank Kearn, J Cole

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