Interview Vibes: A Blockchain and Crypto Discussion with Robomed CEO, Philipp Mironovich

Feb 25, 2021

Hey Phillip, thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk to us!  

First and foremost, tell us a bit about yourself and Robomed.

I’ve been in the healthcare industry for 7 years, opened my first clinic at 21.  Since then I’ve been building the business. Essentially, we connect patients and healthcare providers with smart contracts.  After realizing this could be a standalone product, I started selling it as a service in 2016. Now, we have 20 clinics connected to the system. Next step, we want to make it so the patient can engage with healthcare providers. Ultimately it will connect logs of all of the clinics and prepare documents. We started building an IT platform to better control work flow of the patient experience.

How did you get interested in crypto/blockchain?

When we were trying to analyze how we can connect patient and healthcare provider in the most safe way that will benefit the patient, we came out with  a technological “smart contract”.  It’s only possible with blockchain tech.We solve many problems like:

  • Don’t need someone to check clinical record of patient
  • Don’t need to validate or check with hospital
  • Auto check of relevancy of the data
  • Cut cost for spend on evaluating incorrect content

Can you talk about about your ICO and token distribution?

We launched a public pre-sale ICO.  Right mow., Founders have 2 year vesting, with 6 months cliff Early contributors have 6 months vesting, with 3 months cliff

For those new to cryptocurrency, can you explain blockchain to our readers?

Blockchain is like a network of databases that are connected.  In every database, it houses the same info.  So, you have a replication of your information in several databases at a time.

How does blockchain change the game in 5 years?

I’m not sure how people will know how it’s changing in the next 6 months! Lol.  Let alone 5 years!  You have many people doing “middle-man” jobs (between one point of transaction and another).  Blockchain will expedite A LOT of these positions

Where do you ultimately see blockchain making the largest impression in society?

Fin Tech, then Healthcare!

How can people be proactive about cryptocurrency and all of the tech connected to it?

Go invest in some ICO!  The one that has NO public faces on the team is best!  A sense of deep understanding in the industry will also get you really far!Now, we want to hit you with some rapid fire questions!  Here we go:

What’s your favorite book?

Dorien Gray

Favorite film?

Star Wars

Favorite place to travel?


Favorite entrepreneur?

Elon MuskPhillip, thanks for taking the time to speak to us!  To learn more about Robomed, visit

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