Our Top 10 Favorite Financial Literacy Podcasts Hosted by People of Color

Feb 25, 2021

Financial literacy benefits everyone, especially millennials who are struggling with college debt and dealing with the gig economy.

Young people of color need proper guidance and sound advice on how to manage debt, save money, and make sound financial decisions.

Fortunately, there are several POC financial experts and entrepreneurs ready to share their wisdom with the world. Here's a list of podcasts hosted by people of color.  

1. Journey to Launch  

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Journey to Launch is a great podcast hosted by Jamila Souffrant, who is a Certified Financial Education Instructor.

She is a blogger and money coach dedicated to promoting black financial literacy. She helps young POC gain some clarity on their finances and learns how to maintain good financial health.  

Souffrant focuses on helping people gain financial freedom and remain debt-free. She wants to motivate you to save up and be smart about investing.  

Her podcast has over 100 episodes and is highly rated on all platforms. She discusses increasing income, understanding taxation,   investing,   saving money, and paying off debt.

She also offers advice on how to retire early and wealthy. Journey to Launch frequently hosts guest podcasters like Ash Cash, Courtney Richardson, Bernadette Anat, and several other financial experts.

Souffrant is particularly keen on inviting WOC entrepreneurs and financial experts.  


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2. Brown Ambition  

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Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast with over 180 episodes. It is hosted by Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche, both of whom are financial wizards and highly successful women in their own right.

They’re some of the best black financial bloggers today and offer sound advice on building wealth, investing prudently, and making smart financial decisions.

They present information in an easy-to-understand format, so audiences aren't overMandy is the executive editor of MagnifyMoney.com, and Tiffany is an award-winning financial educator and best-selling author of 'The One-Week Budget.'

Both of them know how to manage finances, build wealth, and become financially stable enough to retire early. There's no limit to the number of topics they can discuss.

Their podcast tackles issues like negotiating salary raise, recession, money, and relationships, student debt, investing beyond the retirement funds, etc.


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Hosts @thebudgetnista| @mandimoney

3. Clever Girls Know

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Clever Girls Know is hosted by Clever Girls Finance, an organization dedicated to empowering women and helping them become financially stable.

There are some highly-qualified and motivated WOC working behind the scenes to deliver excellent advice and actionable tips.

The podcast helps women learn how to ditch debt, save money for retirement, increase income, and build real wealth.  

The podcast has around 120 episodes where the hosts tackle different challenges, share their experiences on starting businesses, overcoming debt, and increasing wealth.

They also provide information on how to manage credit, kicking bad financial habits, and avoid sliding into debt.

You can build financial stability by making some smart financial decisions, and this podcast will help you understand how to reach those goals.  


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4. His and Her Money  

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Managing money as a couple can be challenging, especially if you add children into the equation. His and Her Money podcast helps couples and parents manage their financial health and avoid common pitfalls.

The hosts, Talaat,   and   Tai McNeely want both partners to become financially independent, build their wealth, and become debt-free.

The podcast has over 300 episodes that discuss a wide range of topics like money-saving strategies, budgeting, debt elimination, investments, credit repair, and much more.

They manage to sneak in a few parenting tips to help children understand the value of money. If you’re looking for a wholesome black money podcast, this is the right choice.  


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5. Rise and Grind  

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Rise and Grind is a great podcast hosted by celebrity investor and entrepreneur Daymond John. He’s the star of ABC’s Shark Tank and doles out financial wisdom based on experience and first-hand knowledge.  

DaymondJohn focuses on wealth building, hustling, and getting out of the monotonous9-5 life. He talks about becoming financially stable, establishing your own business, and rising to the top of your field.

The podcast has only 19   episodes, but every episode is packed with information on how to reach your goals.  

John often hosts other successful entrepreneurs and celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tyler the Creator, WendyWilliams, and Nelly Galam. His advice can help you build your wealth and retire early.  


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6. Paychecks & Balances  

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Paychecks & Balances is hosted by Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett. It is a highly rated podcast with more than 150 episodes. Many consider it one of the best podcasts about money for millennials.  

They have a   fun, relatable, and easy-to-understand approach to different financial challenges ranging from debt to taxation.

The hosts provide information on gaining income, managing personal finances, keeping debt in control, and even offer some career advice.  

Paychecks & Balances also hosts guest casters, and finance bloggers like Sylvia Inks, Diania Merriam, Tori Dunlap, and Kitty and Piggy from Bitches GetRiches.

It is an excellent platform to learn everything you need to know about finances as a millennial.


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Hosts @iamrichjones & @themarcusgarrett

7. Afro Economics  

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Afro Economics is hosted by JB Bryan and is a relatively new podcast with 45episodes. She is a champion investor and podcaster with in-depth knowledge of the market.

Ryan focuses on wise investment strategies, wealth-building, Black Tax and the habit of giving away disposable income, and other such black financial literacy concerns.

She delves into topics like mothers being the sole earners, family finances, building assets to escape the 9-5 grind, etc.  

She believes it is possible to gain financial stability in the modern world. If you're looking for some motivation and inspiration, it is a good idea to listen to AfroEconomics.  


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8. Earn Your Leisure

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Earn Your Leisure is a popular podcast hosted by Rashad Bilal and TroyMillings. Rashad is a financial advisor, and Troy is an educator; both of them have ample experience in managing finances and building wealth.  

They provide a behind the scenes look at the financial aspects of the sports and entertainment industry. They discuss how different entrepreneurs handled financial challenges and rose to the top of their game.  

Rashad and Troy break down business models, discuss the latest trends in finance, and help you understand the ins and outs of business in an entertaining and casual format.  


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Hosts @rashadbilal  |  @troymillings

9. The Money, Markets, and Mindset

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This podcast is hosted by Jason Brown, who is an options trader and stockmarket coach at The Brown Report.

If you want to get some insight into the stock market, make investments, build a portfolio, and earn money through trading, The Money, Markets, and Mindset is a great podcast to subscribe to.

Brown provides insight into the ups and downs of the market and helps you become familiar with investing. He also provides some insider tips and tricks to improve your investment game.

This is one of the best Wall Street podcasts for people who are just getting into investment.  

The podcast is relatively new with only 10 episodes, so you don't have much to catch up on. Brown also invites other podcasters like Leanna Haakonsfrom Black Hawk Financial.

If you want to know more about options trading and wish to add another income stream, browse through the podcast episodes, and visit The Brown Report website.  


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10. Two Black Guys With Good Credit

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Two Black Guys with Good Credit is a lively and fun podcast by two Canadian black guys who have been living in the US for the past 20 years.

The podcast has 45 episodes and is highly rated. They have weekly episodes that tackle topics like making money, managing finances, protecting money,  and maintaining a good credit record.  

They’re some of the best black financial bloggers around because their content is relatable and can help millennials manage their finances better.  

These black podcasts provide all the information,   recommendations, guidance, and inspiration you need to improve your financial situation and thrive.  


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