4 Ways to Get Started With Income Investing: A Quick Guide

Feb 25, 2021

Income investing refers to building a portfolio to maximize your annual returns by creating a passive income stream. To do this, you should focus on assets that generate regular payments, such as interest, capital gains, and dividends from a fund. 

Many young people today are looking to get started with income investing as it offers them another income stream and could very well pay off in the future. However, investing can be tricky and it’s important that you know how to manage your portfolio while taking on the right level of risk for you. 

Regardless of the kind of investor you are, income investing is an appealing concept that must be at least a small part of the way you allocate your money. Here are some ways to get started in income investing:

1. Real estate

Real estate is a popular investment class for income investors. It involves investing in publicly traded real estate stocks or buying a property and renting it for income. Meanwhile, the real estate investment trust is a special class of stock that provides a corporation with a favorable tax treatment if it distributes nearly all of its net income to shareholders. When this happens, it offers a financial leg up for investors like you who are seeking income.

2. Bonds

The bond market is one of the most common ways to invest for income. However, keep in mind that bonds are also one of the most complicated asset classes. For instance, there are corporate bonds that relate to loans to businesses and government bonds that involve loans to local municipalities. In addition, the yield generated by a given bond depends on the maturity of the bond, the borrower’s risk profile, and other specifics.

Simply put, choosing bonds as your way to invest for income can be complicated, and researching individual bonds can be an overwhelming task. Consider reading the best finance blogs and exploring the world of Black financial literacy to help you learn more about them. 

3. Dividend stocks

Dividend stocks are riskier than bonds because companies pay them out of their profits. Unfortunately, even the most stable companies can have a financial crisis that can hurt their budget and end up drying up their profits. 

Many income investors are still willing to take on the extra risk if it means they see the potential of having their initial investment grow. In other words, while they are risky, dividend stocks can be beneficial when the company delivers capital appreciation and consistent income.

4. Non-traditional sources

Some non-traditional sources can help you supplement your income potential as long as you have the time and energy to seek them out. Consider participating in peer-to-peer lending where you loan cash to someone starting a business or expanding their house or even sell mineral rights to the energy under your land. They are not typical, but they can diversify your portfolio and offer a bigger income potential.


Income investing allows you to maximize your annual earnings. To get started, build your portfolio, earn as much in total annual payments as possible, collect assets that maximize your annual rate of return, and follow the ways mentioned in this guide. If you need to learn more about income investing, do your research, and discover financial literacy tips like ours.

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