4 Tips to Start Building a Reliable Investment Portfolio - Our Guide

Feb 25, 2021

While you can simply leave your money in your bank account to slowly earn interest, you can do so much more than that to increase its value. For example, you can invest in property and rent it out as a secondary source of income, or you can invest that money into stocks and bonds to make extra cash. In other words, you can create an investment portfolio that can provide you with plenty of money.

However, building a portfolio is no easy task and will take a lot of time, especially if you do not have much money to begin with. If you are trying to create your very first portfolio to make extra cash, here are some tips you can follow to build it reliably.

1. Look at index funds

One of the best early investments you can make is with index funds or exchange-traded funds, both of which give dividends. That is because these funds are already diversified, giving you an all-in-one solution with multiple securities that give back dividends. However, index funds and exchange-traded funds are quite volatile, so be prepared to face a little more risk when investing in them.

2. Invest with your dividends

You do not necessarily have to save the dividends you collect with your investments. You can reinvest them into what you are already investing in or choose another investment option. Regardless of what you do with your dividends, leaving them in your bank account is possibly the worst thing you can do in the way of making money. Reinvest what you make, and you will be making plenty more!

3. Look for reasonable yields

Yields are something you should pay attention to when looking for things to invest in. This is the number that will show you how much you can make. As such, high numbers are extremely enticing, but you should be wary. Sometimes, a company may be doing badly financially and is simply increasing yield reports to attract investments.

With that in mind, the ideal yield you will want to find is approximately three to six percent. A number within that range shows stability and long-term reliability, which you will want to have with your portfolio.

4. Stay consistent with the investment

It does not matter how much you invest; what matters is how often you do. Consistency is key to building a successful portfolio, as this will ensure you can always earn something. If you cannot keep up with this, you can work with brokers who offer investment plans and take care of all your investment needs with little to no intervention from you. That said, it is also a good idea to learn to turn this into a habit yourself.


Keep these tips in mind, and you will be able to develop a reliable and profitable portfolio. However, remember that this is a process you should never rush. A good portfolio will take time and effort to build, and starting slow is not a bad idea. Over time, as you rack up more experience, you will be able to make much better decisions on how to properly invest and make long-term revenue. Also, you can slowly add to your portfolio, gradually making it larger, dividing the risks across all your investment options, and making sure you always make a profit.

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