Mastering Your Numbers: 2 Personal Finance Terms to Know to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Feb 25, 2021

Whether you have a high-paying income or living from paycheck-to-paycheck, losing your grip on your financial management can quickly leave you in a bind and push you to debt. Leading your life turning away from the importance of financial literacy can lead to several miscalculations on your budget and poor financial judgment, which can quickly burn holes in your pocket as it sucks you into a cycle of overspending. 

While acing your financial literacy doesn’t happen overnight, there are steps you can take that can help push you in the right direction to monetary stability for the better part of your life. With that in mind, the tips below are some ways you can brush up on your financial decision-making skills: 

Understand Some Personal Finance Terms

Beyond creating a budget that considers your income and monthly expenses, you also need to find unique ways to improve your finances by looking at some key personal finance terms like the following: 

1. Credit Score

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It’s easy to overlook the importance of your credit score when you don’t need to take out a loan at the moment, but when the time comes where you need coverage for massive payouts, the quality of your credit score can make or mar your chances of earning approval from lenders. 

With that in mind, our article on Building Your Credit Like a Boss offers helpful tips that can increase your credit. A high credit score can make all the difference in unlocking your accessibility to loans, credit cards, and opportunities in putting more money for other expenses instead of losing a big chunk in paying for interest. 

2. Net Worth

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People don’t go around thinking about their net worth, which typically describes the total value of your assets. However, reviewing your net worth can come in handy in the future as it can help you identify areas in your spending that can be cut off. 

Beyond your assets, it reveals your liabilities, allowing you to determine where you want to be financially and consider aspects in your life that you can improve. You can even improve your net worth by investing in home renovations that boost your home’s resale value, which you can leverage someday when you’re looking to settle down into a new and better home for your family.

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The Bottom Line: Keep Your Financial Literacy Sharp to Improve Your Chances of Leading a Stable Life Free From Debt and Other Monetary Troubles 

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Honing your skills in financial management can be tricky for beginners and business owners alike. Mastering how to crunch your numbers doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a math genius, nor do you need to resort to becoming a penny pincher. 

Financial literacy starts by understanding your income and keeping track of your expenses so you can create a budget plan that suits your lifestyle. It also involves financial terms that will come in handy down the line, especially once you start investing in the big guns - be it in business, buying a house, and other major expenses in your life. 

Refreshing Your Financial Literacy with the Right Sources 

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Seeing as staying on top of your finances is challenging, we can help provide up-to-date guides and financial news that can help keep you on track on your financial journey. Check us out at Urban Wallet in Miami, Florida, and see what we can do to help you manage your finances. 

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