4 Easy Ways to Invest in Your Kids & Teach Them Its Value

Feb 25, 2021

Many parents today are anxious about how they can provide for their kids into adulthood and teach them to invest themselves. Although your child doesn’t have to be a financial genius at this time, it’s vital to provide them with knowledge about financial security. The truth is that investing may not be a subject that your child will be taught in school unless they take finance or business courses in college. 

The good news? There are many easy ways to help you achieve this goal! In this article, we will share four practical ways to invest in your kids and teach them the value of investing: 

1. Take Care Of Your Finances First

Before you invest for your child’s futures, you need to sort out all your finances first. Pay off debts and other bills that you have, and have a stable source of income that can pay for the monthly, weekly, and daily needs. When these are sorted out, you can start exploring your options on how you can begin your kids’ investment. 

2. Include Them In Financial Decisions

While you’re sorting out your finances, it won’t hurt to involve your children in it. Simply letting them add up the bills for the month will help them learn the value of money and how investments can significantly help pay for these needs. Also, you can teach them while you sort out your finances so that when the time comes for them to invest, they at least know the basics. 

Another excellent way to teach your children about the importance of investing is by including them in money decisions. It’s likely that you will open a bank account for your child; when you do, make sure to bring your child along with you. If they can write, have them fill out the forms. Explain what you’re doing and make it enjoyable for them to ensure that they will truly learn from it. 

3. Teach Saving & Save Yourself

You won’t be able to invest for your child if you don’t have enough savings, which is why you need to learn how to save to have more money for your child’s future. Cut out the unnecessary expenses and set a timeline to pay off any debts; you don’t want to live like this forever, right? Suppose you want to invest a certain amount this year. In this case, you must make that a priority, work for it, and when you reach your target, you can then spend some money on other things.

As you save money, teach your kids as well to do the same thing. Keep in mind that you need to get into mutual funds and other types of stocks and funds to invest truly. For now, while your child is still young, teach them to save. 

You can give your child a clear jar, and they can fill it up with dollar bills. Make them understand the concept of not spending everything they receive. From savings accounts, you can work towards conservative investments, such as a Certificate of Deposit, which can teach your kids how interest works. 


It takes lots of saving to invest, which is why it’s important that you teach your kids the value of saving before you move to investment. Investing for your kids and teaching them about it are important as they can carry their learnings through adulthood. If you want them to be financially stable in the future, remember that it all starts with what you teach them while they’re young. 

If you want to learn more about how to invest children’s savings, then you have come to the right place. Browse our other investment topics to find out how you can get started on healthy investing!

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