3 Lifesaving Forex Tips for New Traders

Feb 25, 2021

In 2021, you’ll always hear the word “stocks” thrown around by many people hungry to invest their money and get great returns. However, it’s a difficult topic to touch on because you’re basically gambling your money without a set strategy. In America, it’s known that not many African Americans are given the opportunity to learn how to trade things like Forex and other stocks, which is what blackwallet wishes to change.

Here at blackwallet, we have a great set of African American financial advisors who are ready to assist young members of various backgrounds with advice on how to tackle various hurdles. Not everyone is given opportunities to invest their money, especially those from less fortunate backgrounds. However, knowing the right tips before investing money can generate healthy returns, especially when it comes to Forex trading. Here are three tidbits of information that will save new traders time and money:

Foreword: Trading Forex Isn’t Instantly Going to Make You Rich

The trick to approaching trading is to know that it’s not an instant “get rich quick” scheme that you just dump money into and leave to grow. In fact, you’ll need plenty of advice from people like African American financial planners who can help you make educated decisions about investing. If you try and just leave things to grow on their own without a strategy to monitor and reinvest the money you put in, you’ll end up losing more than you gain. Now, here are three tips you will want to keep in mind from the people who have tried, failed, then succeeded at Forex trading:

Returns Are Not Instant

Trading is a game of patience and thinking, and nothing like that article you saw online where someone put $1,000 into their account and it blew to $10 million. Everything boils down to strategies you set for your investing account. The saying here is that “it takes money to make money,” so being passive with your investing will cause you to lose more than you gain. As a trader, you’ll win and lose, and that’s part of the game you’ve signed up for with Forex and stocks. If you seek the best way to navigate the markets as a beginner, always contact African American financial advisors to push you in the right direction.

Don’t Leverage too Much

The experts say that excessive leverage is the strategy that will never fail to lose your account money. In leveraging, going “all-in” is something that many traders tend to do, which ends up with significant monetary losses. It’s like flipping a coin with the heads side tripling your net worth, but tails would lose all your assets, and still go for the coin flip. Stick to subtle trading strategies that don’t put too much on the line because you might end up with nothing due to risky moves.

The Sentiment Tool Can Benefit You

The IG Client Sentiment tool is one of the most highly-preached trading tools that many aren’t aware of when they start out. Known as the IGCS tool, this shows the statistics and data of long and short traders when it comes to currency pairing. This index will tell you what you want to be doing against the grain of what everyone else is. If you read these correctly and accurately, you’ll be very good at investing and trading.


Forex trading is a great way to get into the whole industry and business of the trading world. Many people have tried and succeeded, but those who refused to take a strategy into their endeavors have always suffered significant losses. Always consult with your financial planner or advisor before attempting big strides in trading.

blackwallet is made up of African American financial planners and advisors who promote financial literacy and provide people with knowledge on investment portfolios. With content made to assist those who struggle with wealth management, you’ll always learn something new about the world of investing. Read more on our blog to find out about how you can stay on top of the game!

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