Amazing Economic Cities For People Of Color

Feb 25, 2021

Multi-ethnic and multi-racial America is changing. A slow but visible transformation is taking place and it is evident in the way American cities are becoming inclusive of African-Americans in sharing their employment and income.

They too are racing ahead to grab new opportunities these cities offer.

This is not to say that racial disparities are vanishing overnight. They remain an important issue while judging the economic health of American cities. Towns too display similar trends and the struggle to retain identity and grow in strength in a racially charged environment continues.

Whether it is business, investments, wages or employment, multitudes of stories underscore the inequalities African Americans suffer, in sharing the prosperity pie.

Changing Scenario

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Moving away from the bigger picture and focusing on individual cities, indications are now emerging that there are cities for African-American singles over 40 to prosper. Atlanta and Washington, well-known large cities for their inclusiveness are in a tie to demonstrate that black Americans are economically better and enjoy relatively high median incomes.

In addition, their home and business ownership shares have improved.

These two cities topped the list of richest black communities in America in 2017 and continue to hold this position in 2018 as well.

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Many cities in Texas with growing economies and cheap housing have attracted black Americans in larger numbers and are becoming the best cities for African American 2018. It is paradoxical that the south is transforming into a home-coming place for people of color in the 21st century.

Today, many southern cities offer better job opportunities for African-Americans who fled from the same region in the previous century and are emerging as the best cities for African American families in 2018.

Cities That Have Emerged As A Magnet For African-Americans

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As mentioned earlier, Washington and Atlanta wrestle for the top spot when it comes to attracting African Americans who love these cities as a home and place of work. Washington, a metro area with high availability of federal jobs is proving to be one of the best cities for African-American employment.

It has benefited people of color in terms of the highest median household income ($ 69,246) in the nation.

The home-ownership rate though is a tad lower at 48.3% and stands as the fourth highest among the largest metro areas.

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Atlanta, known as the black capital of the country has witnessed a 14.7% increase in its all black communities in America over the last eight years. With a strong middle class and black universities, it is emerging as a cultural capital too.

Another first is its strong entrepreneurship with 20% of the African-American population being self-employed.

They enjoy a lower cost of living than Washington, and Atlanta retains its top ranking as one of the best places for black families to live in the world.

Best Cities For African-American Families 2017 And 2018

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Memphis is a popular BBQ and music destination and its supremacy as the top city for black-owned businesses remains uncontested. Businesses thrive in its healthy economy while a lower unemployment rate than Atlanta and Montgomery is conducive for start-ups.

In close proximity stands Bluff City with a higher percentage of black-owned businesses and a lower cost of living index than Atlanta.

Raleigh boasts as the start-up capital of the south with its booming venture capital presence and Charlotte earns a badge with more than 13,000 black-owned enterprises.

These cities have proved that black enterprises will grow rapidly in an environment of better integration, healthy economies, low violence levels and a strong support for black entrepreneurs.

Other Cities On the Bandwagon

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Austin, Texas, Baltimore, Miami, Richmond, San Antonio, Houston, and Charlotte are the other important cities. Black Americans enjoy a good life in these cities with better median incomes exceeding the national average of $ 38,555.

With Boston lagging in its 19th rank. In terms of the highest annual household incomes San Jose ($65,400), the capital of Silicon Valley follows Washington, and at $53,200 Baltimore too hogs the limelight.

Reverse Migration

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A distinctive trend can be noted in the movement of the Afro-American population.   The early 20th century was marked by the Great Migration when over 6 million blacks moved towards cities in the north and west.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and St. Louis saw a black influx but today the black demographics are changing.

The south and Sunbelt areas are the new homes for an increasing number of black Americans while Los Angeles, Chicago and St. Louis register dwindling populations. Joining the latter are San Francisco and Detroit to name a few.

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The reasons for this reverse migration vary. Blacks today migrate where better economic opportunities beckon them.

Cheaper housing, supportive business environment, better integration, and a safe environment are added attractions.

Room For Improvement

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The black community has still miles to go before their full integration takes place. The good sign is the 6.8% decrease in the black unemployment rate in December 2017, indicating a reduced gap with the whites’ unemployment rate.

They have done better in home ownership and self-employment.

What is now certain is that the black Americans have woken up to the challenges, are grabbing opportunities wherever they can and turning the tide to their advantage for better living in a prospering nation.

Hopefully, this trend will continue unabated in the forth coming years as well, making many other American cities the best places for black families to live in the world.

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